Our Community


Eastsoccerbase organisation Community mission is to help target emotional vulnerability and social inclusion that prevents young people growth mainly using sport as a tool. Through different other strategies the organisation believes it can change young people lives for the better in return giving them a settled life where by young people are able to get involved in new societies, create and innovate,be ambitious,develop their talents, build better futures and boost employability.

Eastsoccerbase organisation is a proud organisation that is driven by its ethical core values and these values are built on trust,integrity,working in partnership and responsibility. We share similar core values to those of a community organisation with a management committee populated with staff of members with personal ethos of dedicating their lives offering helping hands to those in need.

We have a passion to see local young people in London reach their potential and grow where we provide a variety of mentoring programmes, classroom support, outreach activities and community sports teams.Our programmes are designed to meet all young people needs and to empower them to make well informed life choices with the main focus of deterring them away from a life of Crime